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额外的 英文

释义 extra additional 网络 Additional,extra,superfluity 短语 额外费用premium,extra charge,extra expense 额外酬金Praecipium,hatmoney,hat money

additional added extra 都可以 不过,个人还是比较喜欢additional了 He overextended himself when he accepted the additional assignment. 当接到额外的任务时,他过度紧张。

You send me something that has been in China Customs, I have to pay more than 100 pounds of tariffs, I do not want to pay the extra cost, so I need to return, how to operate, thank you. 望采纳 谢谢

有额外的收费 Extra charges

extra charge needed.

There must be additional charges, but we are willing to afford a part of it, hope that can support you receive more orders, After discussed with our team. 最好的单价是什么意思?指什么?是你们希望的价钱吗

They did additional work but no extra charge.

额外 [词典] additional; added; (超出规定数量或范围的) extra; superfluity; [例句]旅馆每个房间都有电视机作为额外优待。 Television is available in each of the hotel rooms as an extra.


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